A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Echo is a 2D documentary-style exploration game that follows the journey of a bat, Echo, who is searching to reunite with her colony after a cave collapse displaces them. Echo uses her echolocation ability to navigate through the forest, avoid a number of obstacles and dangers, and guide the other lost bats to their new home.

Maryland Institute College of Art students Don Boose, Ashley Guchhait, Miki Straus, and Glo Wan created Echo for Sam Sheffield's 2D Level and Narrative Design class.

Special thanks to Jerron Shropshire for doing the voiceover! Sounds were collected and edited from SoundBible.com (mikekoenig) and freesound.org (thanvannispen, Halleck, duckduckpony, Taberius).  

Install instructions

Windows Smart Screen may prevent game from launching upon opening for the first time. If so, click "More Info" then select "Run Anyway" to launch the game.

For an improved game play experience, decrease "Graphics Quality" from "Beautiful".



Echo Windows Build.zip 62 MB
Echo Mac Build.zip 65 MB


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nice game) short but nice 

Thank you! Thanks for sharing Echo too! We really appreciate you reaching out to us with your video! :)

Nice game! Even though it was short, I liked the concept and it played well. Good luck with future development!

Thanks so much!